How to Connect My JVC Television to a Laptop

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Connecting your JVC television to a laptop allows you to enjoy digital media from your computer on a larger screen. You may also enjoy an improved audio experience, depending on your TV sound system.

Identify your laptop’s video output port. Look for an S-video, VGA, DVI or HDMI port. HDMI is the only port that connects audio and video without requiring an additional connection.

Identify your JVC television’s video input ports. Look for an S-video, VGA, DVI or HDMI port.

Purchase the appropriate connector cable based on your port types. For example, purchase an S-video-to-S-video connector cable if both your laptop and TV have S-video ports. Purchase a VGA-to-RCA connector cable if your computer uses a VGA output and TV requires an RCA video input.

Insert the TRS end of your RCA-to-TRS connector cable into the headphone or line-out port on your laptop. This will transfer audio from the laptop to your JVC television. Ignore this step if you are using an HDMI connection.

Insert the white and red plugs on the RCA end of your RCA-to-TRS connector into the TV's RCA input port.

Insert the corresponding ends of your video connector cable into the laptop’s video output and TV video input, respectively.

Turn your television to the corresponding input channel or mode to view your laptop’s on-screen contents.

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