How to Connect a Smartboard to a Wii

projector ready for presentation image by Dmitry Goygel-Sokol from

SMART Technologies' SMART Board is a device that turns a normal computer into a large, interactive touchscreen. Many educators find the SMART Board difficult to set up, even more difficult to troubleshoot, and nearly impossible to use with any device that is not designed specifically with the SMART Board in mind. Connecting the Nintendo Wii to your SMART Board is almost as simple as connecting the Wii to a normal television. With all of the educational software available for the Wii, connecting your Wii to your SMART Board will allow you to greatly improve the interactive educational experience in your classroom.

Locate the yellow, red and white RVA input jacks on your SMART Board projector. Plug the Wii's A/V cable into the Wii, and plug the three inputs at the opposite end of the cable into the RVA inputs on the projector. Each coloured input must be inserted into its corresponding coloured input jack on the projector.

Plug the Wii's sensor bar into your Wii. Place the sensor bar on the SMART Board's pen tray.

Plug your Wii's power adaptor into a power outlet and turn on the Wii. Press the video selector button on your SMART Board or SMART Board remote until the Wii menu appears on the SMART Board screen.

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