How to fix a SIM card rejected by Nokia

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Mobile phones running on a GSM network require a SIM card. The SIM card houses the contact information and all other forms of data required to use the device. This holds true for any Nokia mobile phone using GSM (wireless providers such as Vodafone and T-Mobile use GSM). If the SIM card you inserted into the Nokia phone is initially not accepted by the device, you need to troubleshoot the card and its insertion point in order to determine what is causing the problem.

Power down the Nokia mobile phone before inserting the SIM card. If the phone is on when you insert the SIM card, it may not detect the newly placed device.

Insert a SIM card from your specific wireless provider. If you are attempting to insert the SIM card of a different company, your Nokia phone may not properly detect or use the equipment.

Slide the SIM card completely into the SIM card port on your Nokia mobile phone. If the card is not pushed in all the way, your phone will not detect the information.

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