How to Replace a Fossil Watch Battery


Fossil was founded in America and began selling watches in 1984. Today, Fossil sells its products in more than 90 countries worldwide. The company has also gone on to offer many other products, including clothing.

Fossil watches are loved for their high quality and classic style, and replacing their batteries can be done with simple tools.

Determine if you want to replace the battery in your Fossil watch yourself. Fossil watches carry an 11-year warranty. Replacing the battery yourself may void that warranty. Fossil offers battery replacement for £11, including the battery. (If you want Fossil to replace your battery, see the link in Resources.)

Lay the watch upside down on top of a towel or cloth on a flat workspace. Use a small flathead screwdriver or blade to pry under the watch backing, then lift the backing from the watch. Slide the battery cover to the side to access and remove the battery.

Take the battery to an electronics store to purchase a replacement. Bringing the old battery will ensure you install the correct type of battery in your Fossil watch.

Replace the battery and the battery cover. Apply pressure to the backing until it "pops" back into the watch.