How to Replace Fuses on Makita Battery Chargers

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Makita makes a substantial range of battery chargers to complement the battery packs used to power its cordless tools. Makita also makes multipurpose chargers, which allow you to use the same unit to charge a selection of battery packs with different voltages.

Makita battery chargers have fuses as a safety device; if anything goes wrong with the charger or battery pack, the fuse blows. Replacing a Makita battery charge fuse is a simple task.

Check on the Makita charger unit for a fuse cover. It should have a label depicting a diagram of a fuse or have the word "fuse" printed on it.

Remove the fuse cover from the Makita battery charger. Depending on the charger, you may need to unscrew one or more screws with a small screwdriver to remove the cover.

Pry out the fuse from the fuse compartment using your fingers. If you find it difficult to get your fingers into the fuse holder, use a small screwdriver and gently pry it out.

Replace the blown fuse using an identical new one. Double-check that the new fuse can take the same voltage and milliamps as the blown fuse. Simply insert the fuse into the holder and push down using your fingers until it clips in place.

Replace the fuse cover. Press the cover into place, or tighten the screw using a screwdriver. Use your Makita battery charger as usual.