How to Replace a Polar F6 Battery

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Polar USA heart monitors allow athletes of all ability levels to keep track of their pulse rate during exercise. Two-piece Polar heart monitoring systems consist of a sensor strap that fits around your chest and a watchlike wrist receiver that displays the information from the sensor strap.

With normal use, the battery in your Polar F6 wrist unit can last up to two years before it needs to be replaced.

Spread an optical cleaning cloth out over a flat work surface such as a desk or table to prevent the face of your Polar F6 from being scratched while you replace its battery. Lay the Polar F6 face down on the cloth.

Remove the four screws that hold the Polar F6's back cover in place. Set the screws and back cover aside until your repairs are complete.

Pull the internal watch unit free of the watch casing. After you've removed the Polar F6 back cover, the internal watch unit should easily slide out.

Use an optical-sized flathead screwdriver to pry up the metal strap that holds the Polar F6 battery in place.

Pry out the dead battery out of the Polar F6's battery compartment and discard it.

Snap the replacement watch battery into the Polar F6's battery compartment. Replace the metal battery strap to hold the replacement battery in place.

Replace the back cover of your Polar F6 wrist unit. Replace and tighten the four small screws to hold the wrist unit's back cover in place.