Color Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Updated February 21, 2017

The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the home. Bathrooms tend to be designed with function in mind more than spaciousness. Your colour scheme can make a big difference in how big your bathroom feels.

Color Schemes

We've often been told that dark colours make a room feel more cramped, while cooler colours make a room more inviting. But that doesn't mean that you have to banish bold colours from your bathroom altogether. When a room is well lit, a bold colour can make it seem warm and inviting. The key is to stay away from primary colours and instead choose a richer hue of a complementary colour.

Accent Colors

Painting a small bathroom white can make it feel more cramped by drawing attention to the walls. If you do opt for white walls, add accents in bold colours. Several shades of the same colour can tie a room together. For example, a small bathroom with slate blue tile, midnight blue rugs and sky blue towels pulls the focus away from a white wall.

Color on the Ceiling

One way to open up the space in the bathroom is to make the ceiling look higher. Bright, reflective white once was the only option for ceiling paint. Now you can get ceiling paint in soft tints and washes of multiple colours. As with walls, a coat of paint on the ceiling can make it seem to advance or recede. One popular colour for a ceiling is a very light blue. Light blue calls to mind images of both the sky and water, producing a feeling of serenity.

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