Video transcription

Hi, my name is Bob Linde. Today, I'm going to talk to you about how to get rid of the little bugs that are often times on my tomato plants so one of the first things that you want to do is when you've gone to your local supply store to make sure that you inspect the plants before you purchase them but also double check once you get home so you don't introduce more bugs than you need to into your garden that's already existing. Often time though when you first transplant your tomato plants they go into a little bit of shock. So they have a little bit of weakness before they actually get their roots going until they get established in the soil so that's often times when a lot of different types of bugs may come and actually attack that plant weakening it even further. So once you've got it in the ground, you've inspected it, you've watered it in well and you still want to check up on that plant for a couple of weeks until it really starts to grow on its own but if you do go ahead and find some of those little bugs crawling on your plant we can go ahead and use one of my favorite natural products in order to get rid of them and that's neem oil. You can find that at your local garden store or often times you might have to find an organic store that's selling something like that. It's considered very safe and very effective for a number of different types of bugs as well as fungus that sometimes grows on plants. So now that you've inspected your plant, you've found a few of those little crawly things on there, we can go ahead and follow the directions on top of your neem container and add some water into your spray bottle with the neem and you'll go ahead and treat that plant until you don't have any more signs of those crawly things. So, this is Bob Linde talking to you about how to take care of those little bugs crawling on your tomato plants.