Video transcription

Hi, I'm Janna at Granite Bakery, and now we're going to talk a little bit more about how to use fondant. Fondant is a very soft product, and it can be sticky, so you want to make sure that you use a good, clean, smooth surface so that you don't have to worry about your fondant actually sticking to your surface. Once you've got your fondant kneaded, you're going to knead it a lot like bread until it's soft and consistent, and then you can roll it out onto the mat or onto your table, whatever surface you're using. Once you've got it a good consistency and texture, you'll be able to do all kinds of things with it. You can cut flowers. You can cut stripes, polka dots. Fondant can be dried in all kinds of fun shapes. You can make it ahead of time and allow it to dry so the flowers look more natural, so that bow loops stand stiff and straight. So, as you work with fondant, just keep in mind you want your surface to be smooth and clean. Again, I'm Janna with Granite Bakery, and we've just talked about how to use fondant.