How to Thicken Gravy With Xanthan Gum

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Xanthan gum is a thickening agent, commonly used in gluten-free cooking. Use xanthan gum if you need to thicken gravy and do not have flour on hand, or if you are preparing a gluten-free meal. The process is similar, but not identical, to adding any other thickening agent to the gravy.

To thicken gravy with xanthan gum, allow for at least 15 minutes after preparing the gravy. You can use xanthan gum to thicken any amount, or type, of gravy.

Combine 4 tbsp xanthan gum with 2 tbsp hot water, for every 2 cups of gravy, in a small bowl. Whisk quickly until the thickening mixture is smooth.

Pour the thickening mixture into the saucepan containing the gravy, and whisk constantly. Bring to a simmer over medium-low heat and continue whisking for 5 minutes.

Add a second mixture of xanthan gum and water to the gravy and repeat until it reaches your desired thickness.

Pour the thickened gravy through a strainer to remove any lumps left behind from the xanthan gum.

Simmer the gravy for an additional 5 minutes before serving. Even with constant whisking, xanthan gum usually leaves small, dumpling-like lumps in the gravy.