How to color liquid latex

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Liquid latex can be used in a variety of different hobbies. It can be used to make latex gloves, body paint or moulds. It is also commonly used in theatrical make-up to make fake skin. But if you do not use the proper colouring dye, your liquid latex may not mix well or may not dry completely, which can ruin what you're trying to make. Luckily, there is liquid latex pigment designed just to colour liquid latex that can be purchased from arts and crafts stores or online.

Shake your container of liquid latex extremely well. Liquid latex separates in the container; if the liquid latex is not properly mixed before using, the latex may not dry properly.

Pour the liquid latex into a bowl large enough to hold all of the latex you intend to use.

Add 14.8ml. of the liquid latex pigment for every quart of liquid latex. Working quickly, stir the pigment into the liquid latex.

Continue to add more pigment, if needed, to the liquid latex until the desired colour is achieved.

Use the coloured liquid latex as you normally would once the colour is incorporated.

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