How to make fat-free whipped cream

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If you're watching your weight or on a low-fat diet and still want to enjoy a creamy dessert topping, make fat-free whipped cream. Non-fat milk replaces the heavy whipping cream, and you can add flavourings, such as vanilla or honey, to customise the taste of the topping. Dollop the non-fat whipped cream on top of all of your favourite puddings, such as strawberry shortcake, parfaits and sundaes for a touch of creaminess without the guilt.

Place the unflavoured gelatin and cold water in a microwave-safe bowl. Microwave the gelatin for 10 seconds or until it is dissolved.

Pour the instant non-fat dry milk powder, ice water and icing sugar into an electric mixer bowl. Beat the mixture on medium until it is blended and starts to foam.

Pour the dissolved gelatin into the bowl and continue to beat the mixture on medium for seven to nine minutes, or until it begins to form stiff peaks that resemble whipped cream.

Add natural vanilla extract, honey or cocoa powder to the whipped cream and beat it for another minute to combine and enhance the flavour.

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