Video transcription

Hi, I'm Shann Christen, with Salon Republic, and we're here to remove individual extensions. If you don't have a glue remover on hand, you can take a cotton ball and apply a little acetone to the cotton ball and just squeeze the cotton ball right on the blue. the acetone will dissolve the glue away and then you can take and remove the extension with the acetone. But for our purposes, we do have a glue remover. It does come with an applicator top, which makes it very easy. It has the cotton already on there. You're going to just want to go ahead and pull out the extension, identify the glue that you wish to remove and you're just going to use the applicator top and apply a little product. Then, take a pair of needle nose pliers and just simply crush the glue spot. If it doesn't come out straight away, no worries, take a little more of your applicator bottle and apply just a little more glue, just like that and take your pliers again and just squeeze. It's not important to do any kind of rubbing or you don't need to pull on it, just simply squeeze it and it will just slide right out. Take your comb afterwards and remove any excess glue that might be left in, and it will come right out. Shampoo afterwards, and good luck.