Video transcription

Hi, I'm Jene with Jene's Tropicals from St.Petersburg, Florida. I'm here today to demonstrate how to care for a pear tree. You'll need a few materials such as a great compost like cal compost or a mushroom compost. Peat Humis to help acidify the soil, 2-10-10 Blossom Booster, 4-6-8- Fruit Fertilizer, a pair of sharp pruners and bottle of hydrogen peroxide, alcohol or diluted bleach to sterilize your pruners. January is a great time to plant pear trees, they're just coming out of dormancy. As you can see on this Florida Home pear. Basically, this time of the year, you want to fertilize with a 2-10-10 Bloom Booster and Fruit Set. This is high in potash and phosphorus and will help strengthen the roots system to get the trees to really flush out new growth. Also, a good idea to spread some organic compost at the base to give them a little natural organic nitrogen and this will keep the leaves nice and healthy. As the season goes on, a 4-6-8 Citrus and Tropical fruit and orchard tree fertilizer is great to ensure that the trees get proper nutrition throughout the rest of the year. It's a good idea to thin the tree out as it grows and to do a little bit of pruning, initial pruning, which I'm going to do here. As a rule of thumb, your lateral growth should be about 8 inches taller than your horizontal growth. There you have it, I'm Jene and have a great day!