Video transcription

Hi, my name is Adina Doss. I'm here at Salon Republic in Studio 16, and today we're going to show you how to create a hair puff for easy styling. I'm going to go ahead and create a horizontal section through the left side, about the middle of the eye or the front of the eyebrow, pulling the hair to the opposite side. Now, what will determine where that is, is which side you want that hair puff to go or which way you want it to move. Taking about a half an inch to an inch section, the length of where you want that style to sit, taking a bore bristle brush, something like this, or even a paddle brush version, which also has nylon bristles, will give you a little bit more of a.. a heavier effect. Taking that brush, placing it about the mid shaft, about a medium amount of pressure and pushing it down into the root, going in and creating this several times within that area. And you continue that action until you get a nice cushion, so it sticks up and helps support the look that you're going for. Taking the next section, about an inch section, pushing from the mid shaft to the root to create your foundation. Then you lift it up, you have your whole section here. And then I'm going to take the same brush with the nylon bristles and really lightly, now, light, light amount of pressure, and smoothing the top layer. Now, if I want a little bit more of smoothness to happen in here, you're going to go in with a certain amount of, a certain type of product. Right now, I'm going to go ahead and use a wax blast, it's a spray wax, just a little bit. Now, I'm going to go in with my brush and go ahead and start to smooth that over. It'll give it a nice sheen, but also it'll give it a little bit more texture, because we're going just obviously something a little non conventional today. Now, I'll take an elastic, clear elastic band, small clear elastic band, I'll place it where I want the bend to happen, about two or three times around. Now, I'm going to go in with a large bobby pin, so not a hair pin but a large bobby pin, going to open it up, placing it into the puff, and then through the rubber band, And that's a really nice shape that you can play with in creating an end result. I'm Adina. I'm at Salon Republic in Studio 16, and that's how you create a hair puff.