Video transcription

Hi my name is Teresa Neumann, and I am here today to show you the simple act of waxing a bow. You take your bow, and you take some rosin. This is violin rosin it comes, and it does not matter what kind you use they sell all kinds. But rosin is basically rosin so it does not have to be expensive. And basically what you are doing is you are waxing your bow, and you start down here near the frog. And you simply guide it along the tip of the bow, and you do that several times. And there is no magic number of times. I usually do mine maybe four or five times. And basically what this is doing, what the rosin does is it coats the hair on the bow so that when you play it diminishes any kind of squeaking sound. It just gives it a better contact with the bow. It is kind of like when you chalk up your fingers when you are playing some sports to give it a better grip. And that is how you wax a violin bow.