Hi, my name is Tricia Trinque, and I'm a physical therapist as Seabreeze Physical Therapy and today we're going to be talking about physiotherapy treatment for osteoarthritis. The materials that we'll be utilizing today will be one pound weights, as well as a chair for strength and stability. Today, we'll begin some exercises for treatment for osteoarthritis to encourage strengthening the upper body that is to be done in a pain free position. Michelle has one-pound weights in her wrists, and we will be raising her arms up to her shoulder level, keeping her elbows straight and her wrists straight. This exercise is going to promote good shoulder and upper arm strength. She's going to hold the position for a count of three to five, then slowly lower and repeat ten times. Next, the exercise that we'll be targeting is for the lower body for strengthening of the back, hips, and thigh areas for patients with osteoarthritis to prevent weakness in these areas. Following treatment of inflammation and discomfort in the area. Michelle will start by squatting as if she were to sit back into a chair. Take a nice, deep breath down as she goes, holding for a count of three to five and then returning to standing. At this point she is holding on to the chair for good stability and support making sure that her knees do not pass her toes as she squats down. Again, my name is Tricia Trinque, and I'm with Seabreeze Physical Therapy and the following exercises should not cause any pain or discomfort in either the shoulders, knees of back. Should you experience any discomfort or have any questions, please contact your physical therapist or physician for further evaluation.