Video transcription

Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen, and in this segment I'm going to talk about how to grow Morning Glory from seeds or how to start Morning Glory seeds. Their seeds are really easy to grow and here's a few tips on an easy way to start seeds. So I have found the easiest way to start seeds, is take a bag, put a napkin in the bag, take some seeds, some morning Glory or any other seeds that's just going to start. Put them right into the bag, right into the napkin, cover that up, add a little bit of water so that, it's moist but not just sitting in water. And just ignore it, put it in the basement, the garage, the kitchen, somewhere where it's going to be about room temperature, above 60, 70 degrees. Check on it every few days and you'll find that you'll have little starts coming from your little seeds. And at that point, turn around, put them right into a container or right into the ground, as long as they've got some green around, greenery on it, it will grow. Now seeds are also easy to start in seed trays, so you can buy them at pretty much any garden center. And you just put some soil in there, in the holes and then you drop couple seeds in. And then you just cover it up just a little bit. And the trick is to mist it with a mister or put a cloth over it, so it just doesn't push all the dirt right back out when you go to water it. So if you buy a nozzle with a mister, that's really easy to do it that way. You know, but Morning Glory seeds are so easy to start, why not just put them right into a container or right into the garden. And I just kind of, sprinkle it out because not everyone will grow. And then you kind of, just rake it back and forth with your fingers. And as long as they're covered or even mixed in with the soil, they will grow. Same thing, mist it, don't just put a lot of pressure on your container. So once you've got your seeds in the soil, give it water and a lot of sun, as morning Glories like a lot of sun. So you want to make sure they never dry out, so water them every evening and every morning, if you can when they first get going. And then you can water them less often as they get established. But they're really easy to grow from seed and they're beautiful addition to your garden.