Hi I'm Pete with Greenhouse Pest Management, we are Atlanta's true natural pest control company. Treating for silverfish that is a big job. It is just not as simple as people would expect it to be, because silverfish will lead to lots of things. Moisture issues, mildew damage, just a huge stock of just paperwork, boxes and things like that. So one of the things to treat for them is to understand their biology, and understand their habits, and understand where they are actually nesting at. Common things are shingles. You can go outside and lift you shingles up, and you just see a huge amount of silverfish in those shingles. And what happens is that you just have a huge variety of silverfish that are coming out, because it's just way over populated over there. Other things are just moisture, moisture behind the sheet rock. One of the things that we need to do is we need to look at taking off the light switch, applying the pesticide dust in this wall void so when if you come across it they are picking up that pesticide that way before they enter in. Also along baseboards, getting underneath the baseboards. Anywhere that they can access into the home through the sheet rock is going to be the key way of eliminating your problems. Some of the easiest ways to get behind wall voids is to simply is just going to be behind light plates. They leave nice little access points to get into these wall voids right here, and what a dust does a dust will spread throughout this entire wall void. It is a real light dust, and it is going to lay down like a nice little film. Most common mistakes that people do is they get out the dust, they put a pile on the ground hoping that bugs will come across it. Incompletely wrong. Another way to help reduce the amount of silverfish that are coming into the house is actually using a pheromone traps. They do make pheromone traps that are actually just kind of cardboard with the pesticide boric acid in it. Put those in strategic places bathrooms, above cabinets place where kids and pets cannot reach, because it is toxic. So pheromones are always going to be a good key for eliminating them as well.