Video transcription

Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen from and in this segment we're going to talk about how to store lily bulbs. Now lily bulbs are found from the mountainous regions of the Unites State for the native varieties and then most of the oriental or the fragrant lilies are hybridize from the wild varieties from the mountains of China and Japan. So when you store them you got to remember that lilies actually need a cold winter. So if you live in a warm climate like San Diego, you got to bring them inside for the winter. But if you live in a cold climate; anywhere from San Francisco to Anchorage, Alaska, you want to live them outside and just leave them in the soil. But if you are storing them; if you're moving or you want to bring them in because you need to cool them down, I found the best way to store a lily bulb is in plastic and you can use like the biodegradable corn bags or recycled bas that you already have in your house 'cause that's still good for the earth to recycle. Now I always want to add some soil. You can add some straw; you can add some hay, mulch, grass clippings even; anything to keep them moist. But I just like to keep them right in soil. And you don't want to let them dry out; but you don't want to let them to be too wet either and so my trick is to just store them in plastic and check on them periodically. And just by opening them up and you can tell if it's really getting dry, add couple of ice cubes; that's always good 'cause it melts slowly and it kind of gets them all wet or you can turn around and dry them out a little bit by just putting some dry soil or some mulched paper. You can even use your recycled paper that's shredded and put them right in with that. And you can store them for, you know, I've stored them for a couple of years and they have survive and turned around and planted them. Or you can store them right in a container. What I like to do is just keep them in a container about three inches deep with some soil. Keep them on the dry side in the winter; but not totally dry. You don't want them dripping wet; but you want to add just a little bit of moisture, just like you would store an onion. And you can keep them in cloth bags; but in the end I found lilies do need some moisture to be retained; so you got to keep them in some kind of plastic or even wet newspaper and then that way you can enjoy them for the next year. And that's as easy as it is to store a lily bulbs.