The next stretch I'm going to show you is for your calves, very small muscle, but important to stretch as well. I'm going to demonstrate this calf stretch against a pole. You can do it against a wall. I'm going to show you a couple of different variations as well. You?re going to step forward with one foot and then bring your opposite leg behind you. From here all I need you to do, it's very simple, is you?re going to keep your leg straight and your going to press against the wall or press against the pole. Now keep that back knee straight and that heel should be on the floor. This stretch right here will stretch your gastroc muscle, which is one muscle of your calf, effectively. Then you can switch it up by bending your knee a little bit, as I'm doing. And you'll feel that stretch a little bit more in the soleus and your Achilles. So both of those stretches are important to vary it like I just did. Straight leg and then go ahead and bend your knee a little bit to switch up the stretch to feel it a little differently.