Video transcription

Hi, I'm Casey Atkinson with Willie Driving School here in Logan, Utah. I'm going to talk to you about some basic tips for driving an automatic car. So when you're actually on the road, here are some tips. Make sure, if you're going to shift gears or change the reverse, make sure you come to a complete stop before you do that. Don't drive on the road; slow down a little bit and then put in reverse. You can say goodbye to your transmission and a couple of thousand dollars. So make sure you're really careful. Apply the brake, stop completely, then put it in the reverse or drive, whatever. Now when you're driving and you want to save, say you want to save gas money, don't put it in neutral and just start coasting. It's not safe; 'cause let's say someone cuts you, like someone starts turning toward you and you have to speed up; how you can do that in neutral. So it's pretty unsafe. Also, when you park the car make sure it's in park and it stays in park. Also apply the E-brake in case; I don't know, God suddenly walks by, shakes the earth and your car starts rolling. Ah here's a quick tip; when you're reversing, make sure you look back the whole time. Once you stop completely, then look forward.