Troubleshooting for Turn Signal Switch Replacement

Video transcription

In this segment we?ll cover the conclusion of replacing a turn signal switch. Previously in this video series, we covered how to replace a turn signal switch, how to remove the access cover and gain accessibilities, how to reinstall it, how to function test it, reinstall the covers. And now we're down to a completed project. One thing you want to remember during our function test we never checked to insure that the turn signal canceled properly. And you just want to make sure on your first time out that when you make a right turn, and you turn your turn signal switches on after you've completed the turn that the turn signal switch cancels, or returns to neutral position. You also want to check this while you make a left turn, in the same fashion. Just apply your turn signal after you make your left turn make sure that it goes back to neutral or cancels the turn signal switch. It's important that if you have a problem with your turn signal switch that it functions normally. They control the indicator lights on your car and it can cause a safety problem for you and it can also cause you problems with local law enforcement. So in this series we've covered how to replace it, how to gain accessibility, and how to function test it. Thank you for watching on behalf of Expert Village. Please watch our other training videos in categories on automotive repair and maintenance.

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