Hello, everyone, my name is Earamichia Brown also known as Encyclopedia on the online Internet community, and today we're going to talk about what happens when the thread bunches underneath your fabric, you know the thing that you hate right when you are in the middle of something and then right under your fabric you get all those loops that bunched up, something that looks like this. Now what we'll do is we'll actually talk about the things that you can do to fix this problem. Let me show you how. Now that we're at our machine, one thing as I said you want to do is you want to first check to see whether or not the tension on your machine is proper. A lot of times when the thread is not pulling up tight enough, it's because it's too loose and it's because your tension dial is too low. Maybe you're wondering oh how did the tension dial get moved? You never know. You may have brushed it accidentally. So what you would want to do is dial your tension a little bit higher to see if that solves the problem and on any machine it may be located in different places but whatever it is you want to change the tension on your upper thread by dialing up higher. One of the other ways that you would do it is you would also perhaps re-thread your machine. So you would go through, re-thread your machine. You will also check to make sure that the areas are free of dust, that things are not, you know, impeding the way of the thread and that it has an opportunity to pull on the bobbin thread to pull it up from the bottom. One of the other things that you may want to do is you may want to go into your bobbin casing because a lot of times when we work on our fabrics, you have dust that accumulates in a bobbin casing so you just want to pull out your bobbin, clean it out and dust it with a makeup brush or something that you have in your house if you don't currently have your machine brush, like I don't have mine, and you would want to do that as well because that's also an indicator that will help to ensure that the thread and the tension comes up properly from the bobbin area. Now once you do that, and if it's still not working, then you may want to go and see your service dealer for your machine because it may be time for that tune up. And that is how you solve the problems of the thread bunching underneath your fabric also known as birdnesting. Thank you very much and if you have any other questions, you can reach me at e@cocktailsandthread.com.