Video transcription

Whether it's from cooking odors, or pet odors, or stinky sneaker odors, or just because the house is shut up during the winter, your house can sometimes not smell so great. So I'm going to show you a couple of natural ways that you can make your home smell better without having to use a candle that may be made with chemicals. So the first thing you're going to do is create a nice rug deodorizer using baking soda and borax. Take a jar and mix the two together. There's really no rhyme or reason to how much you're going to use and put it in your jar. Then take whatever essential oils you have or you can get at your health food store, and just put a couple of drops in there. I'm using lemon. You can also use these essential oils: using lemon brings vitamin C into the room, you can use tea tree for deodorizing action. And you put it in there and leave it overnight and the borax and the baking soda absorbs the fragrances. Then you can just take a cover and poke some holes in it and just sprinkle it around your living room, on the carpet, and let it sit for a while and then vacuum it up. Another thing that you can do is make a room spray. Very easy to do. You just take a spray bottle, and again, you take whatever essential oils you want your room to smell like. You can even find pine essential oil for a nice pine smell, and put about 12 drops of essential oil in the water bottle. You can even use eucalyptus if somebody's got a cold because that's good for deodorizing and sanitizing. And using tea tree, which has been known to kill 99 percent of bacteria and 80 percent of virus germs. So it's, like, and all natural disinfectant. And most odors are caused by dying bacteria, so if you're using something like tea tree in a spray bottle, you'll actually be eliminating the odor at its source, which is the dead bacteria. And then just spray it around your room. I am Lauren Roy from Sugar Hollow Farm in Phillipston, Mass.