Video transcription

Now we're going to glue the boxes together to give us the shape of our car, and put the base on, which is going to be the corrugated box. The first thing we want to do is get the size of the corrugated box to match the base of the box we're going to be using for the shape of the car. So it should be just a little bit smaller to fit on top of the box, but not over the edges. We should just make it so that it fits within the borders of the box we're going to be using. This is going to be the bottom of the car, and again we're going to be using the spaces in between the corrugated box to put the wooden sticks in. And that will act as our, the axles for the wheels. So once we get the right size, we're going to put some regular white glue onto the piece of cardboard that we're going to be using. And that should dry pretty quick. Now we're going to be putting the smaller box, which is going to be give us the shape of the car, we're going to glue that on the other side. And this should be placed, not directly in the middle, it should be placed with a little bit of space on the one end. And more space on the other, so figure about it should take up about the first third of the box, giving a little bit of a border. And the remainder should be a little bit longer in the front, about two thirds. But again not directly on the edge of the box. And this is how we get the basic shape of a car, by attaching the base and the two boxes together.