Video transcription

Hi, you're just in time. I'm about to finish up my client. My name is Sylvia Russell, and this is how you sew in weave. Now, as you can see I've already attached some hair to hers, and I did this so that you can get a clear picture of what it looks like to have a sew-in. Now, I used her dark hair so that you can clearly see the contrast between the light and the dark, but when doing your own hair extensions, you'll want to be sure to pick the right color that matches your natural tone. I also have some thread and a needle, because you're going to actually sew the hair or the weave to the braid. Now as you can see, I've already attached the hair, so what I'm going to do is I'm simply going to take the leftover hair, bring it back across. This is going to create volume. And begin to sew. Very easy. Pull your needle through, and bam. You simple attached the weave to your hair. Now you would follow this procedure all the way across to create great fullness and length. And we're done. What I'm going to show you is what it looks like when you pull it all down. You can't see the braid and she has great peek-a-boo highlights throughout. Now remember, this is something you can do at home, sewing your weave is not that easy. You might want to check with a professional. My name is Sylvia Russell, and this is how you can sew in your weave.