Video transcription

Been to the grocery store and brought a great lemon. And you wondered how could I grow some just like this. Well you can grow them from a seed. My name is Richard Skinner I'm the owner of Hawkins Corner Nursery here in Plant City, Florida. Well the first thing you have to do is cut the lemon open. And find the seeds. Most lemons have seeds. Sometimes they are not too good like a little flat one, you don't want that one. No, you want a nice good healthy looking lemon seed. Ahh there's one. Now it doesn't take a whole lot of ingenuity to plant it. Basically you just need well drained soil in a little pot, place your seed about an inch deep and don't keep it soppy wet, just keep it moist. And oh I don't know maybe two weeks, three weeks you'll have a little tip come up and it will start to grow. Alright you can then train it to the size that you want it and get it on up in the pot. Now that's all good news. The bad news is, is you are probably going to be six, seven, eight years before you get any lemons off from it because you see, from a seed the tree has to mature. And in order to mature it has to be mature in order to produce fruit. So plan on being five to ten years, that's the average. And so I'm Richard Skinner I'm coming to you from Hawkins Corner Nursery here in Plant City, Florida and this is how to grow a lemon from a lemon seed.