Video transcription

Hi, I'm Richard Goms, I'm living in Salt Lake City. We're going to talk about who lives at a certain address. There might be any number of reasons why you might want to know who is living at a certain address for either personal reasons or business reasons. One method to determine that is a reverse address look up on line. You type in the address it'll tell you who's living there, the phone number possibly. Another method would be to contact the county property assessor or check on line for maybe an index to the county assessor records, type in the address. It might list who is living at that address. A city directory, again a city directory or telephone book, again you'll need to know the phone number probably to look that up. Another method would be to pay a finders fee to a people finder service. And one of those is US Search. There are others on the Web where you pay a fee and they'll find whatever information you're looking for.