Video transcription

Hi my name is Jeff Fiffie. I'll be showing you how to move and replace a fuel pump on a Lincoln Continental. Ok the first thing we want to do here is disconnect the, the hose which is attached to the fuel where we put our gas in. Ok this is our pipe, and this is where the car relief hose valve. There is two clamps on that, what you can use for this is a flat head screwdriver, they work very well. And just loosen it up. Loosen up the straps, the clamps and then slide them back on the hose itself. Do the same for the smaller one. There's a smaller clamp here. You want to loosen it up and slide it back. Of course you're going to beware of gas splashing on your face. As a safety precaution take your ratchet, there should be a bolt that straps, holds, the strap holds the gas tank up in place and we're going to use here is a fourteen millimeter socket extension on our ratchet. You want to set it to..