How to extend a waistband?

trgowanlock/iStock/Getty Images

Extending the waistline of a pair of trousers or skirt is a simple project. You do not need to be a tailor or seamstress to add some widths to the waistband of your clothes. Many women opt to extend their trousers instead of spending money on maternity clothes, which will only be worn for a few months.

Use clothe tape measure to determine the width to be added to the waist band.

Use scissors to cut elastic strip to the appropriate length.

Thread sewing needle. Sew a button to one end of the elastic strip.

Use scissors to cut a small slit in the opposite end of the elastic strip. The slit will need to be large enough to fit the button through snugly.

Insert the button that you have sewn to the elastic strip into the garment's button hole.

Insert garment's button into the slit in the elastic strip.