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How to reset Samsonite luggage combination locks

Updated April 17, 2017

Taking a trip is exciting, but packing can be a chore. Even if you're a last-minute packer, don't forget your luggage lock. These locks are a great way to ensure that your belongings are safe and sound during your travels. But don't worry if you can't remember the combination. It's easy to reset your lock.

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  1. Set the dials to 0-0-0. Find the lever or button next to the dials.

  2. If your lock has a lever, lower it and turn the dials to the desired numbers. Return the lever to its starting position.

  3. For locks with a button, push the button towards the dials and turn them to the desired numbers. Release the button.

  4. The lock is now set to the new combination.

  5. Tip

    Samsonite's customer service department is available if you have any difficulties in resetting your lock. Call 800-262-8282 for assistance.

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