How to replace the windshield washer pump on a Honda Civic

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The windshield washer pump on a Honda Civic is located underneath the driver's side wheel well. It plugs into a rubber grommet in the washer fluid reservoir, where it draws washer fluid. A small diameter, rubber supply tube runs from the fluid pump to the washer jets to supply them with washer fluid. When this pump fails, the wipers will actuate, but no fluid will be dispensed from the washer jets. Replacement washer pumps are available from licensed Honda dealerships and auto parts stores.

Shut down the engine, and place the Civic's transmission in "Park" (automatic transmission) or first gear (manual transmission). Engage the parking brake, and open the bonnet. Raise the front of the vehicle with the automotive jack, and support it with jack stands. Chock the rear wheels.

Crawl underneath the front of the vehicle, and locate the washer fluid pump. It is on the lower-left side of the washer fluid reservoir. Disconnect the supply tube from the pump. Disconnect the pump's electrical connector. Remove the pump from the washer fluid reservoir with a twisting/pulling motion.

Install the new pump into the reservoir, using a twisting/pushing motion. Reconnect the rubber supply tube and the sensor's electrical connector. Reconnect the negative battery terminal with the battery terminal wrench. Use the automotive jack to lower the vehicle.

Turn on the ignition, and test the windshield washer system. Verify that the system operates properly and does not leak.

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