Video transcription

Let's talk about when do miniature dachshund puppies stop growing. Now, puppies of any sort start growing, obviously, from the moment they're they're conceived, and after the moment they're born they can grow pretty rapidly. Now, miniature dachshunds are a conger dysplastic breed, and what that means is their long bones, their front and rear legs are bowed just a little bit, and so their their end plates or growth plates are from the end of each long bone. It takes about ten to twelve months typically for these long bones that are bowed to fully stop healing, so again, they grow from the ends, not from the middle. So, about ten to twelve months of age a a miniature dachshund is said to be pretty much mature. Now obviously, growing can continue for a while on after that. They actually, their metabolism around that time can start to to decrease a little bit; going from a puppy to more of an adult maturity type of metabolism, but about ten to twelve months of age is generally when those long bones are going to stop, and they're going to reach that that kind of adult size.