Video transcription

This is Financial Adviser Patrick Munro talking about, "How do you endorse a three party check?" A check basically that has three parties to it is normally a check that's made out on the front to not only yourself but to a third party. Many times in the financial world this will be from an investment that's moved over from one company, ultimately going to another company but is relating to your affairs as well. The way for this check to successfully get to its final destination is for you to turnover the check and as the signature person, you would write the following words: FBO, these are initial rather and it stands for the Benefit Of. So basically on the front of the check your name appears then the other company's name. So as you turn it over, you would put FBO and you would sign your name. That way it goes to the third party and the money successfully gets place into that appropriate account by way of endorsement. This is Financial Adviser Patrick Munro talking about, "How to endorse a third party check."