Video transcription

If you want to copy a DVD, there's a simple way to do that. Basically you'll need a blank DVD and you'll also need your source DVD which will be the DVD that is copying onto your blank DVD. You'll also need a DVD recordable drive whether that be a DVD -R, DVD R, DVD -R, even the DVD rewritables, you need to have basically a DVD burner OK? So in my case I actually have two DVD burners so what I'll do is I'll take my main disc and put it in my source drive, then I'll take my blank disc and put it in my destination drive. Let me show you. Source drive. Destination drive. And it's as simple as that. You may need some software that will allow you to transfer the discs, I recommend Nero, there's several programs out there that you can get on a trial basis to try them out, see if they work well for you. I hope that helps, have fun copying your DVDs.