Hi, I'm Christine Wheaton, I'm a beauty expert. And today we are going to talk about beauty tips for glowing skin. Glowing skin is something that everybody desires and we are going to get it by exfoliating and by using a moisturizer with an illuminator. So our first step is going to be exfoliation. And you can either use a scrub or you can use a moisturizer that has a alpha hydroxy acid in it which will exfoliate without actually scrubbing which is nice. So I'm just going to take this cream and when you are dealing with glycolic acid or alpha hydroxy sometimes it can sting a little bit. So you have to work your way up. You start with a little bit and you can do it once a day and work your way to maybe twice a day and use a little more. So I'm just going to do a little bit on her. And what this does is it takes the dead skin and gets it off of your face so that your new skin can shine through. It will naturally create a glow. I really like to use this at night. In the morning you wake up and it's really pretty. So after I apply this I'm going to apply the moisturizer that has an illumination to it which is basically like a little pearl essence. And that's this. And you can get, there's tons of brands that make this. You can get you know fancy ones at the department stores, or you can get over the counter ones at a pharmacy or a drugstore. So this has a little bit of a shimmery pink sheen to it. And when you apply this all over the face underneath the makeup you are going to have that inner glow. You don't have to apply this with a brush but I am today. I don't usually put this all over the forehead only because the forehead tends to get a little bit shiny on it's on. So I'm just going to limit it to right here. And now your skin is prepped and ready for your makeup and ready for the day. It has that luminous glow. So those are some tips for achieving a glow. The scrub either alpha hydroxy or an actual scrub where you can scrub your dead skin off. And then find a moisturizer with a pearl essence to it. I'm Christine Wheaton. Thanks so much, bye.