Video transcription

Hi, my name is Christine Holanda. I'm the owner of Lily of the Valley Florist in La Quinta, California. I'm going to show you how to make a crystal bead bridal bouquet. You start with your center flower which is the largest bloom. And you just continually wrap around in a circular motion. You see the spiral? You always want to make sure that as you're doing it your flowers are in a nice, round position. When you're finished, you want to take it to a mirror, look at it like this and make sure that it's perfectly round and the shape that you want it to be. Prior to beginning, you want to cut pieces of green sticky floral tape, you cut pieces about six inches long, and then you just take it and you wrap it around the base of your flowers, not too tight because you don't want to break the blooms. And then you cut another piece, have that ready and you tape it to the bottom. When you're all finished, you figure out how long you want your stems, and you cut them accordingly. On a straight plane, and then you wrap it. In order to wrap it you're going to need double sided satin ribbon, that is the most elegant. And also these pearl or whatever type of pin you'd like to use however you can get these pearl pins that any floral supply. In order to wrap you simply start from the top, and you just wrap it. You spiral it down. Kind of make sure that these are even so that it's nice and neat and nice and tight. And again you want to determine how far you want the ribbon to come from the bottom of the stems. I think that looks very nice. We cut that. And then what you want to do is you just tuck this little kind of frayed piece in like that and then you add your pearl pins. Now you can use as many pins as you'd like to give it the desired effect. You need to make sure that when you finish doing the pins that you put your finger along here in case any of the pins are sticking out you don't want anyone to poke themselves. Now that we have our bouquet completed, we will show you how to add the crystals to the bouquet. You can get these crystals at any crafts store, any local crafts store. And then you just simply insert the crystals into either every rose or just every other rose, however you prefer. And see how this just makes it pop. How lovely that is. And this is how you make a crystal bead bridal bouquet.