Video transcription

Now I'm going to show you how to fold a queen size quilt. Now a quilt is very bulky compared to the sheets and we have a very small linen shelf to put it on but I can show you a way that is going to let this big bulky quilt fit on that shelf. Start again by folding the blanket in quarters, you find you put the top edge together on 2 corners and then run your hands down the 2 side edges. You can shake that blanket down as you go to get the material to fold down. Put the corners when you find your other set of corners drop the fabric to the front and then put all 4 corners together. Grasp the middle of the top edge and shake, shake all that fabric down. Now over here it is a little messy so you follow your hand, follow the edges down and unfold both of these edges so that they're nice and straight. Then check the other end just put your hands under the folded edge and give it a little shake.