Video transcription

Now we're going to be showing you muscle stripping. We don't always use muscle stripping with Swedish massage, but it can be gentle enough and effective enough for relaxation purposes. So, I'm going to show you some stripping techniques. I like to anchor my thumb over my other thumb. Anchoring my other fingers so that I don't slip away. They're soft, but they're still firm on the body and most of my pressure is going to come from my thumb. Find the muscle, we're going to be working on the erectors again, and I'm going to lean with my legs and my body down through the muscle. Stripping separates the fibers of the muscle so, when circulation, when blood flow flows into the area, it can help heal. Then I can move to the rhomboids, again anchoring my thumb, bending with my knee and my body into the pressure. You can do stripping pretty much anywhere, just watch for your bony landmarks. Then we can move into the upper traps. Bend your knees low to the ground so you don't hurt your lower back, and with a soft fist, use your thumb to anchor your other thumb and move across the upper traps. That's muscle stripping.