Video transcription

Now if you're going to troubleshoot your hot water heater system, there's several different things you're going to have to look at also. For one, you're going to have to make sure; find out for sure whether you have a gas-powered or an electric-powered hot water heater. This could be very big and what's going to be going wrong within. What I'm standing next to right here is gas-powered hot water heater and of course, you've got your gas apply coming down into your hot water heater through what this is called as a gas valve. Now what this does is it, it tells the hot water heater how much gas is going to release into it in order to ignite it and heat your hot water as needed. This got a built in thermostat so it tells it when it needs hot water; it's going to, it's going to reignite and let it keep burn. So on this type of water heater, ninety percent of the time, if you're going to have a problem with it is going to be in your gas valve or what there is down here, there's a wire that comes out of the bottom of the gas valve. What this wire does is this runs back into your, underneath your hot water heater to where of your gas feeds in. When your gas is running, of course your pilots lit; you have a nice flame underneath your hot water heater. If for some reason your hot water heater is not running correctly, you're not getting a flame out of it, what this wire is, is it runs underneath there and it's called a flame sensor. So if this wire is not sense no heat, no flame, it shuts off your gas valve; it shuts off your power altogether. Now say we're working on electric hot water heater, you're going to have two different elements built in your hot water heater. You're going to have a higher one and a lower one, both included with thermostats and it works the same way really, when your, when your hot water gets down too low and temperature starts reading too cold, it's going to tell the element to kick on and heat that water. Most problems of electric hot water heater would be them elements go bad. If you only get lukewarm water; most likely one of your elements in your hot water heater is bad. Any hard effects; shut your hot water heater off; shut your supply off, shut your electricity off; remove your electric, electric solenoid; check it for breaks, debris, most likely they get too hot and they break because it gets too much sediment in your hot water heater. Check both of them if need be and when you replace them, you can turn it back on and if you've got good hot water, you're good; if not, you're going to troubleshoot a little bit further.