The UK's 15 cutest coffee shops

Although tea may be the national drink of the British Isles, not everyone drinks the stuff. It is indeed a fact that there is a high appreciation for the coffee bean-drawn drink. Here's a selection of fifteen cute UK-based coffee shops. It's worth noting before reading that there is a noticeable difference between a "cafe" and a "coffee shop." The latter are set up for supposedly more serious coffee drinkers, as special attention is paid to the creation of the caffeine-filled concoction. Cafes can indeed have rated coffee, however, they often serve meals and other bits and pieces.

New England Coffee House -- Stow on the Wold (Gloucestershire)

You know when you think of a picturesque postcard view of England? Green countryside, pretty cottages and things? The New England Coffee House is one of those locations that fits perfectly within that frame. Placed in the centre of the Cotswolds inside a magnificent 350-year-old building, it boasts a wide selection of coffee varieties as well as nifty edible accompaniments, such as home-made chocolate orange snaps and lots of different kinds of cake.

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Espressini -- Falmouth (Cornwall)

Falmouth is one of those beautiful British fishing towns that helps remind one precisely what sunny days are made for. Strolls and by-the-sea cuteness followed by: coffee. Stepping into Espressini takes one to a quaint cross between Laura Ashley and Liberty, with unwaxed wooden tables and perfectly brilliantly mismatched antique chairs. The coffee shop boasts a wide range of luxury artisan blends served in nifty little glasses and blue porcelain cups. Not only do they recommend which kind of roasted bean to try, but they also help to match up a tasty homemade sweet with your beverage.

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Colonna & Small's -- Bath (Somerset)

Colonna & Small's is a place where espresso is handed to its customer along with a well-researched explanation. Taste and presentation precision in mind, the shop found along the cobbled streets of Bath prides itself on serving specialist coffee, offering up a vast range of caffeine-strong alternatives for bean buffs and those with a common appreciation of the hot drink. Aside from espresso and milk added varieties, they also serve three different kinds of filter coffee, ranging from fruity to citrusy flavours, depending on the way the blend is prepared.

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The Bean -- Nottingham (Nottinghamshire)

Known for their specialist knowledge of "The Bean," this coffee shop also prides itself on giving off good vibes to its customers. The Nottingham-based store is abound with little uplifting notes and message-filled cut-out hearts dangling from the windows. Other smile-generating aspects include many a day-fresh cake and sweet treats to tickle the taste buds.

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Fig & Sparrow -- Manchester (Greater Manchester)

Starting by having a cute name always helps give a coffee shop character, but what's on offer at the Fig & Sparrow further solidifies its solid sweet status. Part craft shop, part cafe, this beautiful vintage coffee store strikes a healthy balance between selling arty items for the home and serving up top-notch coffee.

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Kaffeine -- London (Greater London)

Coffee culture calls for a Sex and the City quote. "Every city girl needs a port in a storm." London is full of them, though to narrow it down to one, a shop in Fitzrovia was chosen. One of the cuter spots to be found on the capital city's streets spells the magic word with a "k" and paints its store front black. Australian/New Zealand-owned Kaffeine is serious about its coffee service and boasts the best bean blend in the area.

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Browns Coffeehouse -- Canterbury (Kent)

You know when you find one of those dream-like places to sit down in and you feel so at home you forget where you are? Browns Coffeehouse is most certainly one of those. Reminiscent of a picturesque kitchen and living area from a Virginia Woolf novel, the coffee shop dons very plush leather sofas to sit down on as well as being surrounded by a lushious green garden to gaze out of the window at. Particularly perfect for wintry days.

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Barista Coffee Collective -- Bristol (Bristol county)

Big cities need good hideouts. The Barista Coffee Collective happens to provide precisely that. A cool, calm and collected atmosphere, the staff are dedicated to giving nothing but great service. To brighten up its inner shop life, the shelves filled with giant jam jars, colourful macaroons and crumbly cakes; making accompaniments for your cappuccino in abundance. Beverages can be enjoyed sat at the tall blue-tiled tables, or by being taken away in a pretty paper cup.

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Coffee Angel -- Edinburgh (Scotland)

Edinburgh is filled with dainty tea & coffee shops dotted along its cobbled streets. Coffee Angel, located in the heart of the beautiful Scottish city of Edinburgh, stands out from the rest, donning angelic-like decoration and great coffee-cake presentation. Customers can be kept very happy with cappuccinos served in massive angel-painted cups. Crumbly pastries are also on sale for those in the market to satisfy their sweet tooth.

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Wits End Cafe -- Whitby (North Yorkshire)

Once you get to the closer to coast, business names tend to get more creative. Wits End Cafe, located along the North Yorkshire coast of Whitby is technically not a coffee shop, but a beautiful cafe, that does in fact, sell coffee. Steps away from the seaside, the cosy interior offers up a tasty range of food for those who are after a bite to eat, following a seaside stroll.

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Holbrook's Cafe -- Swansea (Wales)

This mum-and-son owned coffee shop can be found in the centre of Swansea and has a very at-home feel to it on the inside. Black and white pictures on the walls, fairtrade Ethiopian coffee -- roasted in west Wales -- and friendly service can be found. To top it off, they've things like Welsh cakes and toffee & apple fudge cakes to munch on. Not a bad plan for a mid-shopping pit stop.

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Espress Oh! Coffee House -- Dundee (Scotland)

This coffee shop is one of those spots one dreams about when very undernourished and delight-deprived. Joy is indeed well-placed on the menu. Homemade banana and chocolate loaf, crunchie cup cakes and mint Aero slices are just part of the selection of sweet stuff. The ambiance is chilled, whilst surrounded by mint green walls and kind crystally chandaliers overhead.

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Barista -- Belfast (Northern Ireland)

Found on the streets of none other than Ballyhackamore Village in Belfast, Barista is a coffee spot that dangerously insinuates rivalry between their cakes and coffee (they're so good). Serving up all of your favourite childhood treats from Rice Krispie cakes with marshmallows and cranberry & white chocolate caramel squares, to your more traditional alternatives such as scones or French toast, the food is simply sublime along with ever a many kind of coffee to accompany it.

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The Marwood Coffee Shop -- Brighton (East Sussex)

Clearly Brighton is one of those places that is abound with cute coffee shops on most corners, so choosing just one could prove to be a challenge. However, a choice had to be made, thus, The Marwood Coffee Shop. Quoting itself as the place that sells "kick arse coffee" and "life changing cake," the place has most definitely got soul and a bundle of attitude. Cosy, cake, coffee, retro, fashionistas, geeks; to be quite frank, the word "cute" doesn't quite do its description justice.

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Hot Numbers -- Cambridge (Cambridgeshire)

A list of UK coffee shops would not be complete without a Cambridge-based place. A few of life's pleasures all under one roof. That's about the way that one could describe this spot. Rhubarb and ginger cakes made by a company called "Afternoon Tease," cinnamon and sugar strung chelsea buns that go by the name of "Fitzbillies;" there's plenty of fun food to choose from as well as locally roasted Ethiopian coffee.

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