10 Ghoulish cocktails for a Halloween party

Updated February 21, 2017

Halloween is not for the faint of heart, and after decorating the living room with spiders and hanging ghosts, a party host need only then provide a delicious spread of disgusting food and horrific cocktails to complete the ambience for the treasured guests (Who you, presumably, will try and scare out of their wits at some point during the dark and windy night).

Brain Haemorrhage

Bodily fluids make up the basis for this shot of alcoholic disgustingness for a house party, if your guests can get over their squeamishness to knock it back. With a base of apple schnapps and a topping of cream liqueur, poured over the back of a spoon, the cocktail is finished off with a bloody stream of grenadine throughout.

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Zombie Punch

The zombification of this drink primarily comes from the sheer amount of booze within it's green and eerie depths. Equal amounts of gold, demerara and white rum make up the base, with several dashes of bitters to taste, all topped off with pineapple juice, lime juice and passionfruit syrup in the same proportions as the rum ingredients. Serve in a hollowed out pumpkin for extra scary flair.

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Black Shadow

For hosts flush with cash, the opaque Black Shadow cocktail requires champagne to be poured over one measure of blue curacao and a half measure of creme de cassis. The resultant dark green cocktail fits into the shadows of Halloween and has a nice little bite to it as well.

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Devil's Brew

Red in colour and spiced in flavour, Devil's Brew is served in a large glass with ice. One measure of tequila and a half measure of creme de cassis make the alcoholic base, and a dash of lime juice, all topped off with ginger ale, provide the tang and the spice for this refreshing Halloween cocktail.

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Bloody Mary

Not a drink for celery haters, the Bloody Mary is a year-round cocktail that really comes into its own on Halloween. A large glass filled with ice is necessary, with a measure or two of vodka and filled up with tomato juice. The tasty evil flavour of the drink comes from the juice of a lemon, two dashes of pepper sauce, one dash of Worcestershire sauce, a sprinkle of black pepper and some evil dices of jalapeno peppers. The much maligned celery stick is to stir it with.

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Monster Martini

Simple yet glowing green, the Monster Martini contains a measure of vodka topped off with sour mix. Shaken first in a cocktail shaker with ice, this cocktail fits neatly into a classic martini glass which you can frost with sugar or salt, depending on your preference, around the edges.

Monster Mash

A smoothie as well as a cocktail, the Monster Mash can be made in a blender with a half banana per serving. Each tall glass portion contains two scoops of vanilla icecream, a handful of crushed ice and four squares of milk chocolate. One measure of vodka, and a half-measure each of banana liqueur and creme de cacao round out the serving for one person.

Bloody Rum Red Sangria

Sometimes at parties there are guests who are distrusting of new cocktails, particularly when it comes to strength. Lull them into a false sense of security with the Bloody Rum Red Sangria, which is a different animal altogether from that found on the costas of Spain. For a punch-bowl full, mix half a bottle of merlot with a 750ml bottle of spiced rum. Complete with 180mls each of lime juice, triple sec and cooled simple syrup (which is normal sugar dissolved in water over heat to make a sugary clear syrup).

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Love at First Bite

Vampires sometimes use their sweet charms on their victims, where the Love at First Bite cocktail would probably suffice. Shaken in a cocktail shaker, one measure of vodka, a tablespoon of sour apple liqueur and two tbsp of butterscotch schnapps provide the base, and a teaspoon of grenadine and a measure of apple juice add sweetness to the drink. Top off the glass with a web formed by pulling candy floss apart if desired.

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Kir Royale

A simple drink to make for beginners and for those who love celebrating Halloween with champagne, the Kir Royale is a blood-red drink with a crisp taste. Simply drop a tablespoon of Chambord liqueur (or cassis) into a cold champagne glass and top off with champagne or sparking wine.

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