How to froth milk with the magic bullet

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Don't purchase a separate, clunky appliance only for frothing milk to make cafe-style cappuccinos. If you own a Magic Bullet blender, you have everything you need to get a foamy, frothy milk topping for coffee drinks. The Magic Bullet is a small blender and food chopper sold on the Internet and on late-night infomercials. The benefit of using the Magic Bullet over a traditional blender is the ability to remove the blending cup and lid to warm the milk in the microwave after frothing it.

Add the milk to the cup of a Magic Bullet, and attach the cross blade lid to the top of the cup.

Turn the cup upside down and press it against the blender bottom to activate. Blend the milk for 10 to 15 seconds or until it foams to the desired amount.

Remove the cup from the Magic Bullet and take the cross blade top off.

Warm the frothy milk in the microwave for up to 70 seconds or until warmed through. Skip this step for topping cold coffee drinks with the frothed milk.

Spoon the milk on top of coffee beverages.

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