What Herbs to Use With Mashed Potatoes

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Mashed potatoes can seem like a simple dish. Just boil potatoes, mash them and add a little butter. But, in fact, many herbs with both strong and subtle flavours can be mixed with mashed potatoes. The best way to use herbs with mashed potatoes is to chop either fresh or dried herbs into the potatoes. You can also mix herbs with butter or sour cream to create a creamier version of mashed potatoes.


Sage is a strong herb -- you don't want to use it with other herbs in mashed potatoes -- that on its own creates a delicious flavour. Try mixing chopped sage and blue cheese crumbles into mashed potatoes for a unique and elegant twist on cheesy mashed potatoes.


Parsley is often used as a garnish on mashed potatoes. The flavour adds a crisp taste to the potatoes. The best way to use parsley is to sprinkle the herb over the top of mashed potatoes rather than mixing it in to get the most flavour out of the herb.


Basil is an herb full of flavour that also tastes good with mashed potatoes. Being a strong herb, you don't need to use too much basil to enjoy the taste. Blend chopped fresh or dried basil with sour cream or butter and mix with the mashed potatoes just before serving them.

Bay Leaf

Bay leaves also taste delicious with mashed potatoes and offer a subtle flavour. Add a couple fresh or dried bay leaves to the water used to boil the potatoes. Once mashed, the potatoes will have just a hint of flavour.


Dill adds a refreshing taste to mashed potatoes, especially when serving them in the summer. The lighter flavour of this herb gives mashed potatoes a crisp and clean taste. Sprinkle dill over the top of mashed potatoes or stir it in with a little butter warmed to room temperature.


Mint is another subtle summer herb that is delicious when used in mashed potatoes. Mix the mint with butter and swirl with mashed potatoes to add a fresh flavour.


Chives are an herb with a hint of an onion scent and flavour. Chives are often used with baked potatoes but they also pair well with mashed potatoes. Chives mixed with sour cream can be stirred into mashed potatoes or you can sprinkle them on top.

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