What Are Good Spices to Mix With Tuna?

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This popular salt water fish can usually be found in the form of tuna steaks or canned with oil or water. With health benefits, such as vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids, tuna fish is a good addition to a healthy diet. Because tuna has strong fishy flavour, you will want to use strong spices to balance the taste.

Spices, such as thyme, cumin, rosemary, dill and coriander, are excellent choices.


Dill pairs well with many fish dishes and tuna is no exception. Try mixing fresh dill, chopped pickles, mayonnaise and tuna fish together for a tuna sandwich. Or use fresh dill to make a marinade with vinegar and olive oil and use it on a grilled tuna steak.


Thyme is a strong spice with a savoury flavour and aroma which allows it to blend well with a tuna casserole or other baked dishes made with tuna. If you are fixing a salad with canned tuna, try whisking fresh thyme with lemon, olive oil and a hint of garlic and use it as a dressing, lightly drizzled over the salad.


Cumin should be used sparingly as too much of this hot spice will overpower the dish and be too spicy for diners. But, a small amount of cumin adds a pop of flavour to a tuna casserole or even a tuna sandwich. If you choose to use cumin with tuna fish, its best to use it as the main spice since it can overwhelm other spices.


Coriander is a perfect complement to a dish made from tuna. The whole coriander seeds pack the most flavour and pair well with a fish stew as the spice is absorbed while the soup cooks. You can also use coriander with a grilled tuna steak by grinding the whole seeds just before you're ready to use them and mixing the powder with other spices before rubbing it into the steak.


Rosemary is a good spice to use with tuna because it can have a strong or subtle flavour depending on how much of it you use. Try using fresh rosemary in a dressing over tuna fish salad or in a sauce poured over a tuna steak. Rosemary can also be delicious when mixed with other spices and used in a tuna fish casserole.