Mobile Home Kitchen Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

Mobile homes require careful planning to make the best use of smaller spaces. The decor in mobile home kitchens can create the illusion of space or fit in with your home decor. The kitchen is the heart of your home no matter its size. It is the place you gather together with family and friends to prepare and cook meals.

Country style

A mobile home kitchen typically has built-in cabinets and counters. To create a country look without gutting the room, choose red-checked curtains and ceramic canisters to create a country atmosphere in the room. If you are planning a complete renovation in the room, remove the built-in cabinets and counters and replace with free-standing furniture. You might have to search for smaller pieces to suit the size of the room. Jelly cabinets and small armoires can hold dishes and foods in a country-style kitchen.

Modern style

A modern decor works well in the smaller kitchen in mobile homes. The modern decor can include shiny and reflective surfaces such as stainless steel. Replace the countertops with stainless or sleek black appliances. Stainless countertops also give the kitchen an industrial modern look. Light reflects off the shiny surfaces to give the room the appearance of space. Stainless steel paint and contact paper also are available if you are decorating on a budget. The smaller size of the kitchen might require custom-built counters and cabinets, which can be pricey. The stainless steel paint and contact paper allows those in mobile homes to keep the built-in furnishings, which fit the mobile home kitchen and still get the look of modern kitchen furniture.


Mobile homes with an open-concept design can look great with an Italian or Tuscan design. Use light natural colours in the room to give the room an open and airy look. The kitchen island is a staple in Tuscan-style rooms. A small distressed worktable can work well in a mobile home kitchen.

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