How to donate a used hospital bed

Gary John Norman/Lifesize/Getty Images

You've come into possession of a hospital bed for some reason or other and are looking to get rid of it. Before tossing it out on the street and thus creating more trash in the world, look into donating it. There are many charitable organisations that will accept hospital beds as well as other hospital equipment, and such donations are often tax-deductible. Donating the bed to family or friends, homeless shelters or international charitable organisations are just some ways to dispose of your hospital bed responsibly.

Call family and friends to find out if any of them can use the hospital bed. Make appropriate arrangements for pickup or drop-off.

Call organisations in your area that would have a use for hospital beds. Try homeless shelters, battered women's shelters and animal shelters. Also try organisations such as Goodwill and the Salvation Army.

Call or e-mail local thrift stores to find out if they can use the bed. Also try organisations such as the Wheelchair Foundation, which sometimes accepts hospital beds in addition to wheelchairs and other equipment. Their website also provides a list of organisations, such as Direct Relief International and Hope Haven International, that might have a need for such beds.

Get a receipt from the organisation/store that accepts your donation for tax purposes.

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