How to space curtain hooks

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Though curtain hooks are not frequently used on draperies anymore, they were once the most common means of hanging curtains. These hooks were inserted into the top hem of a curtain to hook onto a curtain rod and, since they were hidden in the fabric, could hold up a curtain without being seen.

Spacing the hooks was the most difficult part of hanging a curtain. Improperly spaced hooks give a curtain an odd appearance.

Insert a hook into each end of the curtain's top hem. Hang the curtain on the rod by these hooks.

Calculate the centre point of the curtain's top and insert a hook at that point. Hang the curtain from the curtain rod by this hook.

Place a hook at the halfway point between the centre hook and end hook on each side of the centre. Hang the curtain from the rod by these hooks.

Insert a hook into the curtain halfway between each existing set of hooks. Hang the curtain from the rod by these hooks.