How to Measure a Corner Sofa

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Corner sofas, or sectionals, are common because they can seat more people and design options fit almost any decor. These sofas take up more room, however, and can be difficult to place in some rooms that are small or awkwardly shaped.

It's important to know the precise measurements of the sofa if you plan to move, rearrange your furniture, or get a cover for the sofa.

Measure the height of the sofa, from the floor to the very top of the back of the sofa. Place the edge of the measuring tape on the floor, and look to see what the measurement is at the highest point of the back of the sofa. The height of a sectional sofa is typically the same all the way around. If yours has varying heights, measure the tallest part if you're measuring to determine if it will fit through a doorway.

Determine the seat height by measuring from the floor to the top of the seat cushions. This measurement isn't typically necessary unless you are measuring for a slipcover or for reupholster plans.

Measure from the outer edge of one side of the sofa to the outer edge of the opposite side. Repeat on both sides to get the length and width. If your sectional has an unusual shape, such as U-shaped or S-shaped, measure from the outer edge of each side to the next. You may have more than two measurements, depending on the exact shape of your sofa.

Figure out the width, or depth, of the couch by measuring from the front of the sofa to the back.